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Welcome to the Secrets of
Star Wars: Rogue Squadron


After presenting my RoguEdit player profile editor to the Star Wars Community I learned new interesting facts such as cheat codes from other Rogue Squadron fans. Some of them are for Nintendo 64 version only. One of such codes - KOELSCH lets you fly a black Buick instead of V-Wing. Looking through the Star Wars: Rogue Squadron data file I already noticed that actually there are two V-Wing models there and one of them has "wheels" for some reason. Suddenly everything became clear for me but because of lessons I had no time to check my suppositions... Later I got new information about this hidden vehicle - in the RogueSquadron.NET Forum I read the following
Lt Guilo [Flight Leader]
posted February 14, 2000 11:48 PM
There is no passcode for the Caddy (it's actually not a Caddy... I know this because I've personally spoken with Factor5 programmer Rudy Zember, who owns the real-life vehicle the car seen in the game is an actual replica of...) in the PC version of the game, but there is for the N64 version: KOELSCH. To access the car in the PC version, you must manually edit the game's files with a Hex editor... and I couldn't tell you which file, or what lines of code to edit, or what to change, either...
Ha, thanks ! I already knew what should I do approximately... At last yesterday Novruz the Holiday of Spring has began here ! Taking this opportunity I continued the excavations and after less than a couple of hours I was driving the famous Black Buick. It was really easy... May be there is more direct way, but I don't know it yet...
21st of March, 2000

Want the Car ?
Get the RogueCar !
I decided to write a small Win32 utility - the Rogue Squadron crack for getting the hidden car and to place it on Internet, that everybody can enjoy the famous KOELSH black Buick also in PC version of this outstanding Star Wars game. Now it is ready and available only here and for you... Click here to download... and May the Force be with you !
23rd of March, 2000

There are some additions in the current version 2.1:
• Added some new interface elements
Who did say that "There is no passcode for the Caddy in the PC version..." ?! The truth is that there is such a passcode in PC version ! Furthermore it is certain that this passcode is Passcode No.2 and although it is still unreleased so you can't directly type it into the Passcode Box, you can set it using the new passcode feature of RoguEdit 2.0 !.. But as in Nintendo64 version while you are driving the Buick pausing the game causes program to crash, so there is still a little reason to use the RogueCar ;-)
Thanks to everybody who responded, especially who sent postcard and people from RogueSquadron.NET Forums, also Darksaber from Darksaber's Opt Station for kind support during the time passed since the last version.
2nd of October, 2001

There are some additions and fixed mistakes in the current version 2.0:
• Added an ability to find data files automatically
• Fixed "Crack" and "Recover" buttons "enable-disable" error
• Added a new interface in the style of Rogue Squadron
• Modified crack method without additional recovery file
I must thank for support everybody who responded, especially Jaster from Obsession Downloads for testing the very first variant of the utility on his patched Rogue Squadron and MCSENo1 from NYC for reporting about my stupid mistake in the previous version...
Finally, if you would like to learn more about the famous black Buick then visit the web-site of the real owner of KOELSH - Factor5 member Rudolf Stember (mentioned as Zember above) who performed Sound design & Voice editing in development of this great Star Wars game...
25th of May, 2000

Thanks to all Star Wars: Rogue Squadron developers team and very special thanks to George Lucas !

Star Wars: Rogue Squadron Demo Click here to download the playable demo...
Star Wars: Rogue Squadron is now available in stores. Check out a store near you or click here to order through the LucasArts Company Store...

All trademarks herein are acknowledged as the property of their respective owners. Star Wars is a registered trademark of LucasFilm Ltd. Rogue Squadron is a registered trademark of LucasArts Entertainment Company.

Mission 19 Battle of Hoth
Sir, I'm hit... but not bad

Want to get more from Rogue Squadron ?
Take the famous KOELSH a Black Buick available only in Nintendo64 version...
Don't waste time Get the RogueCar 2.1 !

Using this small utility you can
• Easily edit your data file to turn Black Buick V-Wing into the hidden black Buick available only in N64 version by KOELSCH passcode
• With the same easiness recover your data to get back V-Wing
• Honour me personally using an application written by me ;-)

Good morning...
Good morning, Wedge...

There is another hidden vehicle you can drive...
Enter CHICKEN passcode for the imperial AT-ST !
Probably you already know the passcode Imperial AT-ST for this chicken-like walker, but perhaps did not notice that actually it has an extra speed control! You can use the button which allows left/right controls to roll craft instead of turning it [E button] to increase speed more...

Thanks for support to everybody who responds !

• I also saw the KOELSCH object and new there was a way to unhide it but never got to it. You have done a great job !!!
• It was really exciting suddenly to see the Buick ! ... I'm very impressed with your work again
• I had lost hope of flying it... Thank you very much for finding this and sharing it with everyone.

Sorry for possible mistakes because of my poor English ;-) Actually I'm from Azerbaijan.

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