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Welcome to the Secrets of
Star Wars: Rogue Squadron


In the Star Wars: Rogue Squadron the game consists of four chapters, appropriate to certain periods of Rebel struggle against Empire between "Star Wars: A New Hope" and "The Empire Strikes Back", with five missions in each chapter except the last with only one mission. After finishing the last - 16th mission I saw that there are no missions anymore and ask myself a question "Is it really end ?" (as possibly any player at the end of game). But I had doubts about this, because looking through a file of missions I saw a "level18" message and these doubts had proved to be true - in the "Rogue Squadron News" I read the following
Beyond Level 16 !
As you progress further in Rogue Squadron and earn more medals, you will gain acess to secret levels and new craft. Click here to see some of the special bonuses...
Inspired by these news soon I earned at least a bronze medal in all 16 missions and by deserving the bronze plated insignia gained access to the first secret mission - "Beggar's Canyon", staining a little deserved the silver plated insignia and passed into the second secret level - "The Death Star Trench Run". But since then (almost 2 months) I could not earn a gold medal in all 18 missions, already promoted to Supreme Allied Commander, armed to the teeth with advanced weapons and able to pilote all available craft - few missions are too tough. At last yesterday spending half night sitting on player profile files I found a storage format of data about pilot awards and privileges, not completely, but enough to misappropriate a gold medal to myself in all missions except one easy. Then by earning a gold also there enjoyed the gold plated insignia award reel and at last passed into the third (seemingly last) secret level - "Battle of Hoth" ! But it was not all - soon I got the Millennium Falcon and even an imperial TIE-Interceptor!
23th of January, 2000

Got Stuck ?
Get the RoguEdit !
I decided to write a small Win32 utility - the Rogue Squadron player profile editor and to place it somewhere on Internet, that everyone can fully enjoy just another outstanding Star Wars game. It was ready in a week and now is available only here and for you... Click here to download... and May the Force be with you !
2nd of February, 2000

There are some additions and fixed mistakes in the current version 2.0:
• Fixed some misspelled messages and changed some others
• Added "Codes/Awards" button and ability to change passcode data
Thanks to everybody who responded, especially who sent postcard and people from RogueSquadron.NET Forums for great support during this year passed since the last version. RoguEdit 2.0 has a new feature which allows you to edit passcode data in player profiles, so now you can try any passcode even without knowing it at all... Click here to download... and May the Force be with you !
30th of June, 2001

There are some additions and fixed mistakes in the next version 1.0.1:
• Fixed "Save" and "SaveAs" buttons "enable-disable" error
• Fixed Player Highest Mission and Rank "left arrow" button "enable-disable" error
• Fixed an ugly interface error occured when the system resolution differs from normal 96 dpi
• Added "Explanation Line" hint message
• Added web-link to the homepage
I must thank for support everybody who responded, especially Jaster from Obsession Downloads... There were many talks that such an editor was already created shortly after the game was released. Jaster also provided at last a link to this utility - Rogue Editor 1.1 by Lee Lorenz, seemingly the first public realization of Rogue Squadron player profile editor...
22nd of February, 2000

Thanks to all Star Wars: Rogue Squadron developers team and very special thanks to George Lucas !

Star Wars: Rogue Squadron Demo Click here to download the playable demo...
Star Wars: Rogue Squadron is now available in stores. Check out a store near you or click here to order through the LucasArts Company Store...

All trademarks herein are acknowledged as the property of their respective owners. Star Wars is a registered trademark of LucasFilm Ltd. Rogue Squadron is a registered trademark of LucasArts Entertainment Company.

Mission 6 The Jade Moon
This isn't gonna work

Want to get more from Rogue Squadron ?
Three secret levels, three new craft including an imperial TIE-Interceptor...
Don't waste time Get the RoguEdit 2.0 !

Using this small utility you can
• Easily edit such player properties as TIE-Interceptor Highest Mission and Rank as well as medals for each mission and available advanced techs
• Gain access to the secret levels ("Beggar's Canyon", "The Death Star Trench Run", Millennium Falcon "Battle of Hoth")
• Get a new craft including legendary Millennium Falcon and imperial TIE-Interceptor
New ! Try any passcode even without knowing it at all
• Honour me personally by using an application written by me ;-)

Want to see all these features quickly ?
Get my Player Profile with all missions, powerups and craft right now !
Just quickly download this little file, unZip, rename and copy it into your Player Profile folder to enjoy all available missions, powerups and craft !

Thanks for support to everybody who responds !

• I'd just like to say that Luka's RogueEdit utility is extremely impressive, with an interface that matches the game and it certainly works perfectly on the PC version.
• Thanks so much for the Rogue Squadron Player Profile. Without it my daughter and I would never have gotten to the three secret levels.
• Thanks for the utility... I can finaly play those last three levels.

Sorry for possible mistakes because of my poor English ;-) Actually I'm from Azerbaijan.

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