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Welcome to the Secrets of
Star Wars: Rogue Squadron


At last the Summer Holidays began and I got an opportunity to check my suppositions and to continue excavations in the game data files after some break... Looking through image data at once noticed two strange pictures one of which is below... Wow, this is obviously Star Wars: Rogue Squadron developers team ! And it is seemingly a good photomontage rather than a real photo. Perhaps there is a passcode to show these pictures...
26th of June, 2000
Rogue Squadron team
Whoa ! I got a new information about this snap from one of the Star Wars: Rogue Squadron developers ! I received a message from Buddy Hannon ! Unbelievable, but it is true:
"...I just came across the team snap of the Rogue Squadron Development Team on your page. It seems like such a long time ago that I did that image. I forget who the photographer was, but I did the addition of the Star Wars characters... Seeing it again was like a little blast from the past. Thanks...
...Rogue Squadron was a fun game to make. We made it in a very short time, 9 months I believe was the time we spent on it. When we originally made Rogue Squadron it was to be a N64 product, so we spent most of our time squeezing all of the features that we could into a 12MB space for the cartridge. Factor 5 did alot of great work to make this happen. Thomas, a genius of a programmer, went in and wrote a lot of Micro code that in essence re programmed the N64 console to allow a lot of the things that you see in the game to happen...
...I found your site believe it or not by doing a web search on my name, I was bored yesterday... I glad that you like the game so much. It's nice to know that all of the hard work that went into it was worth it...
Thanks again to all Star Wars: Rogue Squadron developers ! Just because of their hard and eager work this wonderful game still has so many true fans...
1st of September, 2000

Mission 5 Liberation of Gerard V
Let's keep up the good work !

Want to get more from Rogue Squadron ?
Take the hidden snap of the Star Wars: Rogue Squadron developers team...
Don't waste time Get the original TeamSnap !
Just quickly download this archive file, unZip it and get the hidden picture of Little part developers team from Lucas Arts & Factor5 !
This snap was an original photograph of the team that one of the developers Buddy Hannon added the Star Wars characters into. It seems that they were not added randomly - each character is near resembling developer ;-)

Want to see the second strange image too ?
Get the RogueScr 1.1 a simple Rogue Squadron screen saver right now !
This screen saver pulls Star Wars movie pictures Little part which are used as backgrounds in Rogue Squadron from the game data and shows them randomly, so it requires the game properly installed in your system. Sorry, but it does not support preview, options and password features yet...

Codesigned and Developed by
LucasArts and Factor 5

Thanks to all Star Wars: Rogue Squadron developers team and very special thanks to George Lucas !

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Sorry for possible mistakes because of my poor English ;-) Actually I'm from Azerbaijan.

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