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Welcome to the Secrets of
Star Wars: Rogue Squadron


Rogue Squadron Data Explorer
RogueDat 1.0 Using this small utility you can easily explore the structure of .DAT and Bundle. data files, also with the same easiness extract any resource from these files !
16th of June, 2002
Rogue Squadron Screen Saver *
RogueScr 1.1 This simple screen saver uses the game data, so it requires the Star Wars: Rogue Squadron properly installed in your system...
3rd of June, 2002
Rogue Squadron Mission Replacer
RogueRat 1.1 Using this small utility you can easily edit your data file to replace any mission with another including LEC Logo intorduction level, also with the same easiness restore default mission data !
25th of May, 2002
Rogue Squadron Weapon Editor
RogueArm 1.0 Using this small utility you can easily edit your data file to increase or decrease the power of various weapons from trooper blasters up to bombs, also with the same easiness restore default power of these weapons !
22nd of November, 2001
Rogue Squadron Buick Crack *
RogueCar 2.1 Using this small utility you can easily edit your data file to turn V-Wing into the hidden black Buick available only in N64 version by KOELSCH passcode, with the same easiness recover your data to get back V-Wing !
2nd of October, 2001
Rogue Squadron Player Editor *
RoguEdit 2.0 Using this small utility you can easily edit such player properties as Highest Mission and Rank as well as medals for each mission and available powerups, gain access to the secret levels, get new craft and now also try any passcode even without knowing it !
30th of June, 2001
Rogue Passcode Scanner
RogueSpy 1.2 With this scanner Rogue Squadron will check all possible variants of passcodes, showing the progress in the Explanation Line and listing valid ones in the Passcode List...
1st of February, 2001
Rogue Squadron Developers *
Team Snap Just quickly download this archive file, unZip it and get the hidden picture of developers team from Lucas Arts & Factor5 !
26th of June, 2000
Rogue Squadron Super Profile *
Player 13 Just quickly download this little file, unZip, rename and copy it into your Player Profile folder to enjoy all available missions, powerups and craft !
2nd of February, 2000

Thanks to all Star Wars: Rogue Squadron developers team and very special thanks to George Lucas !

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All trademarks herein are acknowledged as the property of their respective owners. Star Wars is a registered trademark of LucasFilm Ltd. Rogue Squadron is a registered trademark of LucasArts Entertainment Company.

Mission 4 Defection at Corellia
Romf ! Romf ! Raowr !

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