LukA_YJK [04/20/2003]
Greetings, Rogues! Sorry you should scroll down to see later messages... for now
Redwing [04/20/2003]
Testing testing. :D Happy Easter, Luka! ^_^
Blargman [04/20/2003]
*test*Yep, I guess it does work ^_^
Rogue15 [04/20/2003]
nice. =]
NeoD [04/21/2003]
Ohhh. purty ;)
TK-421 [04/24/2003]
um..what does this button do? ^_^
LukA_YJK [04/25/2003]
Thanks for testing, Rogues! Now if you want to send me a message you can post it here. It will mail me automatically.
Redwing [04/25/2003]
Shibby ^_^
Blargman [04/26/2003]
ph34r 73|-| \/\//-\y5 0ph 73|-| BLARG!
Alastair [05/20/2003]

Han Solo [05/22/2003]
Hi, this is a Star Wars freak and a Rogue Squadron freak. Love your web site and enjoy the Black Buick. I'm looking for a way to update the ship models. Tell me if you find out.
Star wars rogue squadron has no B-wing,I want a B-wing.
LukA_YJK [05/25/2003]
Han Solo, thanks for nice words!There is a RogueDat to extract game data. But I have no clue for model data. Seems nobody is interested to try figure out its encoding . Maybe you can? Try not, do or do not, there is no try...
Rogue 5 [06/02/2003]
hey, can you guys create a crack to use the shuttle in the rogue squadron Seba
Rogue 5 [06/02/2003]
please create the crack i'm very happy if you do that!
Rogue 5 [06/02/2003]
please LukA_YJK create the crack for the Imperial shuttle
Rogue 5 [06/02/2003]
Hey you guys are fantastic!! i have never seen a editor that let you play the Black Buick and edit the weapons I have an ulitmate question: In what type of archive i do extract the sound files send me the answer to the following e-mail: Bye and may the force be with you!!!
LukA_YJK [06/03/2003]
Thanks, Rogue 5! The problem is that the sound resources has their own format. Music is stored in a custom MusyX and speech in M.O.R.T. format by Factor5. Actually I found out that MusyX is an extension of standard MIDI and even made a draft convertor. But that's all for now...
LukA_YJK [06/03/2003]
Speaking of Shuttle crack, to say the truth the ultimate goal is/was to make a model/level editor, so people could add/edit ships or missions. But seems I am the only person drilling that old game. But I am not very strong, so...
Rogue 5 [06/05/2003]
thanks for the utilities, this is a VERY GOOD page of Rogue Squadron, thanks for all you do the editors the weapons editors thanks for all!! Long life for secrets of star wars rogue squadron!!!!!
Rogue 5 [06/05/2003]
hey do you know a site to download the xwing vs tie fighter full version??
LukA_YJK [06/08/2003]
Thanks again, Rogue 5! There are pretty good forums at where you can ask any question related to any LucasArts game. Good luck and may the Force be with you!
Porkins [06/14/2003]
is there anywhere addon crafts ? B-wing ? some ties ? AT-AT ? I want something addons !!!
LukA_YJK [06/16/2003]
Now you can add your e-mail address to be notified about new reports at the Message Center. Porkins, read the message above , no news since then...
Rogue 5 [06/22/2003]
hey, did you ever think about creating Battle For Naboo utilities
Rogue 5 [06/22/2003]
hey if you want only i sent you a profile with all secret levels and powerups with also all ships. probably you have a question about sending the file... easy!! the only thing you have to do is add me to the MSN Messenger and if you are connected i send you the archive
Rogue 5 [06/22/2003]
someone can answer this simply question? hod i do to play ROGUE SQUADRON i multiplayer??
Rogue 5 [06/22/2003]
another question: ¿Can i write in spanish? because i have 13 years old and ma knowledges of english are advanced but a few words shit me. ¿can i do that o you preffer that all write in english??
LukA_YJK [06/24/2003]
Hey, Rogue 5! How are you? People say that Battle for Naboo is just skin-changed Rogue Squadron and to port Rogue utilities to Naboo might be easy. But I have not this game. Maybe I'll do if I have...
LukA_YJK [06/24/2003]
Unfortunately Rogue Squadron has not multiplayer feature. And you can write in spanish, of course. But I'll not understand you then. BUENA SUERTE Y QUE LA FUERZA TE ACOMPANE!
Rogue 5 [06/24/2003]
in what type of language do you write this useful utilities
Rogue 5 [06/24/2003]
Hello, ¿how are you guys? sorry but i have another question: The wonderful and amazing game called ROGUE SQUADRON supports the fucking Windows XP, because my brother has installed that shit ans i´m not shure about that.
LukA_YJK [06/28/2003]
All these utilities were written in Borland Delphi programming tool. Regarding Windows XP, there were some problems, but you can find the solution at Rogue Squadron Community Forums. By the way there are spanish-talking good guys there. Dark Sad Shadow from Mexico and Keiran Halcyon from Spain. Follow the link at ChapterII page. Finally try to speak here as a good fellow, amigo...
Rogue 5 [06/28/2003]
sorry for my ordinary forof speak, really my anger take me to say that words. really really sorry!!
Rogue 5 [06/28/2003]
I´ll do my best work to try to not speak in that form!!
Rogue 5 [06/28/2003]
Sorry for my nasty form of speaking! I don´t want do that again Seba (My real name is Seba)
Rogue 5 [07/15/2003]
What happens to you? Rats eat your fingers or you don´t have time Luka?
Rogue 5 [07/15/2003]
or my ways of speaking makes you don´t talk with nothing?. If that is the case sorry for my way of speaking!
Rogue 5 [07/15/2003]
my anger lead me to write that nasty words but sorry again Y QUE LA FUERZA TE ACOMPAÑE MI QUERIDO AMIGO (MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU MY DEAR FRIEND)
LukA_YJK [07/16/2003]
No problem with your speaking, Rogue5! Sorry, here I have not much chance to connect. Did you join the Rogue Squadron Forum, Seba? They will be happy to meet a new Rogue joining them. Where are you from, by the way? May the Force be with you wherever you go!
Wedge [07/16/2003]
For better results under XP try right-click on game shortcut, properties option, compatibility tab and select win 98 in the firts rolldown. It worked fine for me !
Rogue 5 [07/19/2003]
oh thanks for the help, but my brother make a turn in their decissions and we install win 98, thanks for the help Wedge!. I´m from chile, specifically from Santiago de chile, about the Rogue Squadron Forum i don´t know where is that, if you tell me where is it, that helps me a lot. Chao(Bye bye) Sebastian Rojas. P.D: where you came from or where you are always?. May the Force be with you wherever you go!
Rogue 5 [07/19/2003]
Thanks again for all the useful help that you bring me Luka!
Rogue 5 [07/19/2003]
Hey gods and masters of Rogue Squadron, do you know/have another fantastic games of the STAR WARS saga? if that is the case we can trade/change info about that games!
Rogue 5 [07/19/2003]
Happy 2 greatest years to all of you Rogue Masters!
Rogue 5 [07/21/2003]
What happens with the support site of this great page? when i click in the message that says "want to support this site? vote in but when i click over him, the Explorer says me that this page is out of service! About another message that says " Sorry for possible mistakes because of my poor English ;-) Actually I'm from Azerbaijan". Don´t worry, i don´t think that your english is poor, even nothing think that. I think your english is better than the mine!
LukA_YJK [08/01/2003]
Thanks for that XP tip, Wedge! Glad to see you here. Rogue5, check out, the Rogue Squadron Forum I talked about is there. Hey, so you are from Chile! As you noticed I am from Azerbaijan. It is on the other side of the planet. Chao!
LukA_YJK [08/03/2003]
Hi Rogues! You maybe noticed the update at our Message Center: now you can bolden and make italic you message text, also use some smiles. Sorry, I'm out...
Redwing [08/03/2003]
I noticed the smileys. :D
Redwing [08/03/2003]
They do look kind of evil...:-D
Redwing [08/03/2003]
...And I can't get them to show up. XD
Blargman [08/03/2003]
Rogue 5 [08/03/2003]
What ammount of time we wait to see another fantastic utility from you Rogue masters?
LukA_YJK [08/07/2003]
Redwing, really nice to see youhere! Rogue5, maybe you noticed at the DOWNLOADS section that the last utility was made a year ago. Sadly even such an organized and big team like XWing Alliance Upgrade Project has given up. What to say about our one-person team! Don't worry Good things come to those who wait...
Rogue 5 [08/14/2003]
Hola Luka, i have a question: are you the Rogue Squadron Tripod´s Webmaster?
LukA_YJK [08/15/2003]
HolaRogue5! Yes I made this site and all its content. It was very popular and I was even promoted to Forum Admin at Rogue Squadron Forums, but was wiped out after some accident As you maybe noticed the pages are outdated. I have lost desire to update it long time ago Why did you ask?
tiny rogue [08/21/2003]
Hi guys new to game can anone tell me how to clear old data from elite rogues
LukA_YJK [08/22/2003]
Greetings, tiny rogue! There must be Erase option in the Gallery, but seems it does not work correctly in PC version.
LukA_YJK [08/23/2003]
Probably you should delete the highscores.dat file in the PlayerProfiles folder. Hope it will help.
Rogue 5 [08/27/2003]
Hohohoho how are you guys? l hope that you are fine! I have another question: What do the passcodes RECUER, OILMAN,ACE and RADAR? --Rogue 5 Out---
LukA_YJK [09/13/2003]
Hey, Rogue 5, how are you there? Everything is not bad here on the other side of the planetACE and RADAR work for Nintendo64 version. You can find the full list at But RECUER and OILMAN are fake passcodes proved to be wrong long ago, as far as I know. Over...
Rogue 5 [09/13/2003]
Thanks for that useful page luka! sorry but I have another question: Long time ago i heard that are a versions of your wonderful amazing great utilities en SPANISH,is that true and where i can download???? --Rogue 5 out--
Rogue 5 [09/13/2003]
Sorry but i forgot this: ¿¿What happens with ARAZ and BAKU????? Or better: ¿¿¿They were abducted by aliens???
Rogue 5 [09/13/2003]
Do you use MSN Messenger??? --Rogue 5 out-- (again)
LukA_YJK [09/14/2003]
Hey, nice to see you again, Rogue 5Ha-a-a, you are speaking about RogueRat it is the only multilingual Rogue Squadron utility in English, Spanish and German. You can read its readme and version files. I added the Spanish support thanks to Keiran Halcyon (Manuel) from Spain because the utility did not work for his Spanish version of Rogue Squadron. But the utility changes its language automatically to your language version of game. So to see all messages in Spanish you need a Spanish version, but I think the instructions are simple and clear enough in English. By the way, have you joined the Rogue Squadron community forums?
LukA_YJK [09/14/2003]
Ha-haHey, Araz is just my real name, Baku is my homecity and Azerbaijan is my homeland. So you thought they are my team-mates? Unfortunately I don't use MSN Messenger. Sorry, I'm out...
Rogue 5 [09/15/2003]
Hey you, that means that the great GENIUS behind ALL Rogue utilities of this page are YOU?!?!?!?!?!?!? Ooh that means that your team os composed by a ONE GREAT DUDE?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? I am so impressed!!!
LukA_YJK [09/21/2003]
Thanks for nice words, Rogue 5! To say the truth, it is not so good to be "one great dude"because so much plans/dreams we have, but I can not realize them lonely. Seems nobody is interested in editing this old gameAnd look, you are almost the only visitor of my Message Center
Rogue 5 [09/21/2003]
Hey don't say that Araz, many peopl (like me) don't known how to create (or programate) Utilities and programs. Trust in me, if i would known a little bit of programation, I AM INTERESTED IN EDITING THIS OLD (But Wonderful game) GAME but i don't have knowledges to programate!!! (About my thoughts, i thought that Araz and Baku are your Supposed "team-mates" all make a mistake in ther life (Like the great Tony Denton in the Darksaber's X-Wing Station, he thought that LUKA_YJK is your Team-mate) --Rogue 5 out--
Rogue 5 [09/21/2003]
Stop teasin' me about the supposed Team-mates!!!!!!!
Rogue 5 [09/23/2003]
Do you ever played the greatest TIE Fighter Space Combat Simulation????? --Rogue 5 out--
pornostar [10/13/2003]
your andromina is confided in world domination give up your bannister
pornostar [10/13/2003]
pornostars proceed in training
LukA_YJK [10/18/2003]
Hey, Rogue 5! What's up? Nobody is teasing you, chill out! Unfortunately Rogue Squadron is only Star Wars game I haveMaybe it explains why I was drilling it so much... ¿Amigo, usted entendía qué hizo que pornostar diga? Sorry for my Spanish
trainee [10/19/2003]
What's that? testing...
Rogue 5 [10/20/2003]
Hi araz, no te preocupes por tu imperfecto ingles!/ don't worry about your not-so-perfect english! hey better be that you write en english and spanish!! and i don't understand what thing wants to say PORNOSTAR!!
Gold Leader [11/17/2003]
Hi LukA_YJK! Long time since I spoke with you last. I hope all is well with you in Azerbaijan. This Tripad Meesage Pad is really cool. Great work! Take care. Gold Squadron Leader out...
Fistleaf [11/20/2003]
Does anybody know how I can play the music files extracted from RogueDat?
Rogue 5 [11/22/2003]
Hye Fistleaf, i test extracting the files and converting to .wav file and didn't worked!
LukA_YJK [11/22/2003]
Greetings Gold Squadron LeaderHey!!! So nice to see you here! Everything is all-right here. Hope you and all yours are well there. Young Armstrong has became probably an experienced gunner now Thanks for nice words about Tripad Message Pad, but it needs to be improved, seems e-mail notification is not working properlyDid you try add your e-mail to the notification list?
LukA_YJK [11/22/2003]
Hey, Rogue 5, how is everything? Thank you, you are the only regular posterhere. Fistleaf, as I wrote before music is stored in a custom MusyX format by Factor5. Actually I found out that MusyX is an extension of standard MIDI and even made a draft convertor and was going to release it under RogueBox title. But that's all for now... I'm alone, I'm tired...
Bhakar [12/01/2003]
Nice to see people going on with this game. I'm frustrated by lots of egoshooters (=buy, run, fragg, be fragged, buy, run, fragg, be fragged, buy...). Asked for multiplayer (X-WingAlliance), a friend answered: Da braucht man Abitur" (= you have to finish school and go to university); too complicated!? Grrr... Thanks to all fans of RogueSquad, XvT, XWA ... (the better ones of the StarWars series). P.S.: If anybody has a problem with gaining gold medals (without editor), maybe I could give some hints?
Rogue 5 [12/02/2003]
Hello guy. ¿¿Lots of work on there?? by the way YOU can turn ME into a columnist for ROGUE SQUADRON TRIPOD!!!(As a permanent columnist) chao and take care of you!!
Rogue 5 [12/02/2003]
And why you didn't release the RogueBox?????? Bugs on programming?? Write Errors?? WHAT?????????????? Good bye, i'm tired of my slow internet connection on my house!!--The ORIGINAL Rogue 5--
Rogue 5 [12/02/2003]
P.D: Me, Sebastian Rojas , the permanent poster of this site is the real ROGUE 5
pornostar [12/04/2003]
terminator3 proccesses exceed the cup
pornostar [12/04/2003]
foreget the red ferrari its time for red ball day with a cool cold can of kb
LukA_YJK [12/14/2003]
Hey Rogue 5 you are the only and best columnist at Rogue Squadron Tripod already! Thank you! Regarding RogueBox it is not released because I did not figure out the MusyX format completely and stopped researchs long agoI posted a little announcement about it at Rogue Squadron community forums then. Nice to see you here, Bhakarand to see that some people still playing this gameMay the Force be with you!
Bhakar [12/15/2003]
Greetings... As a priest said: "Brothers and Sisters, don't be sad about good things getting old (and older) nor be afraid to say: forgotten..." Sorry, these Xmas days are throwing shadows on me (and my bad school english). But this year I'll spend some time in creating XWA-missions. Besides, never saw an mission editor for Rogue Squadron - doesn't exist, right? And perhaps another question (!): which (new) game has same feeling like RS? Any suggestions? I know, right answer is: none... second answer...?
LukA_YJK [12/26/2003]
Greetings Bhakar! I'm in hurry to inform you that a Rogue Squadron level editor exists... but it is not awailable for publicso we can not create missions as for XWA. Recently I found out that hmp resourses are likely heightmap data for landscape, but have not time to continue excavations. Seems Rogue Leader and Rebel Strike are great, but they both are for GameCube, not for PC.
Bhakar [12/27/2003]
You give me a right X-mas feeling... Thanks for your answer, LukA_YJK, even a bad message is sometimes a good one. I assume that editor to be part of Lukas Arts "SecretProgramsOverUs"? - So, if (they never will create anything for that old Rogue Squadron) it doesn't hurt anybody, why not sell the editor to some "freaks of antique games"? I'll post them a mail, couldn't be worse than getting a NO! In case the editor is owned by another software house, please tell me (if known). Game Cube... hm. Chances are better now (after X-mas) to find someone nearby sitting alone in front of a Game Cube. ... uh... Cube...
LukA_YJK [12/29/2003]
Hey, Bhakar, as far as I know from Factor5 used its in-house level editor L3D to design levels for Rogue Squadron and Rogue Leader. But they were planning to upgrade it for Rogue Leader. So now it will not hurt to make it public, I think. We can start some kind of petition for it. Please could you mobilize pilots at Rogue Squadron forums? I can't do it myself now, since have very limited access to Internet. You can mention my name (LukA_YJK) though... Happy New Year by the way
Bhakar [12/29/2003]
Good idea. I try to spread it all over the world (you'll find it next monday at your next drugstore...), first. Need another idea about how to collect thousands of supporters mail? We should not anoy that software firm (or "over-fill" their servers). We'll see if there is some response and decide later, how to do best.
Rookie [12/31/2003]
I just bought this game for my kid and can't get it to work. I'm running windows XP home version on a pentium 4 1.6 Ghz machine with a GeForce 2 video card. When I try to run the game I get the message "Glide Init Environment: Glide2x.dll expected voodoo graphics, none detected". Any suggestions?
Rogue 5 [01/01/2004]
Happy new year for all! I like very much the GOOD idea of spreadin' all over the world that editor, maybe i can spread to my friends if you give me a copy!i'll try to do the best efforts to make this possible!
Rogue 5 [01/01/2004]
Hey rookie, first, happpy new year for you and for all. The problem that you've reported is because you dont have the glide2x.dll installed into your computer or you don't have a primary display driver selected. try this: Click on RogueSquadron.exe and check the "compatibility" tab on your winXP and select win 98 in the first rolldown
Rogue 5 [01/01/2004]
lookin' in the i found that if you want to see that article you have to be registered in!!! but that page looks interesting!! i would like to be part of your project with Bhakar Luka_YJK! maybe i'll work like a spreader! PLZ LET ME BE PART OF YOUR GOOD IDEA BHAKAR AND LUKA!!!!!!!! PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ!!
Bhakar [01/01/2004]
I use every chance to type some words to nearly everbody I know, but should go to the communities actually playing StarWarsGames; these SWG-circles seem to me a good way moving that editor-idea around. None shall say we wouldn't "dare to try" - better try everything!, against all odds. Happy new year... ahem, each day a new year starts, or: this year will be what we make out of it.. 8~)
Rookie [01/02/2004]
Thanks Rogue 5. I've already tried that and it didn't help. How do I select a primary driver?
LukA_YJK [01/03/2004]
Hey, Bhakar, thanks for support! Rogues, check out these links too: and here is a PowerPoint presentation: 5, the problem is that this editor is not public, so we are going to ask them to make it public. Nice to see you here, Rookie! You should be able to set that video thing in Launcher Menu. Under Play Rogue Squadron 3D you see Hardware Configuration where you can select your video device. Set it to default, hope it will help By the way I found out the meaning of starting portion of data in hmp resourses! It looks like texture map of the level.
Keiran Halcyon [01/03/2004]
HI luka, how much time :D Keep up the good work and lets hope factor5 get freely released the editor :)
Rookie [01/03/2004]
Thanks for the help Rogue 5. Tried that too. My only choices are "Primary Display Driver [Driver:D3D]" and "Voodoo Card [Driver:Glide]. I've tried 'em both and no luck.
Rogue 5 [01/03/2004]
Hello Luka, Ok, then that is the Damn problem with that editor...¿They ask for money to make public the editor??... oops that is a BIG problem Rookie, i have a question for you: Your videocard supports opengl o glide videosystems??? maybe that is the problem... And Luka_YJK i have a propossal for you: Did you ever think about we (me and you, with others that like this game)in creating a FLIGHTSCHOOL PAGE FOR ROGUE SQUADRON???
Rogue 5 [01/03/2004]
And for last: Rookie; what version of Directx do you have???
Rookie [01/04/2004]
My version of Directx is 8.1. The system requirements indicate supported chipsets include GeForce2 Family, which is what I have.
Rogue 5 [01/05/2004]
Hey Rookie, do yoiu have the latest drivers for your videocard?? try downloadin' them and see i they work... Or check your pc capabilities with the Syschecker located at the Rogue Squadron CD Or EVEN try downloading the DirecX9.0 from microsoft website... Good luck!
Rogue 5 [01/05/2004]
or contakt enve lucasarts fo help assistance, see their website. May the Force be with you unlucky friend, hpe you can play RS to be part of Star Wars Simulation Games Legacy!
Redwing [01/05/2004]
It's alive! ^^; Happy New Year, Luka! *slips back away back into the shadows - for now*
Darksaber [01/05/2004]
Hi Luka, Happy New Year and all but I keep getting these messages in my email. I don't think I've ever added my email address to this subscription thing, is there anyway you could remove it please. Thanks Darksaber
LukA_YJK [01/10/2004]
Hey Keiran, Redwing, Darksaber, so nice to see you againHappy New Year to everybody, by the way! Sorry Darksaber it's me added email addresses of all Rogues, maybe because I missed you all and that old times Anyway I should think about unsubscription feature. Rogue 5 as you see this site is still alive just because you are posting messages hereunfortunately I am not able even to update it. But I'm sure you can start to learn web-site design basics and make a great Flightschool site. Besides maybe it will be useful for your future carees. There are some pretty good HTML tutorials also at Tripod and I'll try to help you anytime you will need advice. Bhakar next week I'll try to prepare a text for petition and post it for discussion at LucasForums then I'm going try to attract as many people as possible using some old advertisements: Don't loose your heart, Rogues, good luck and may the Force be with you!
Rogue 5 [01/13/2004]
Thanks for your message Luka,it's nice to see that this page its STIlL ALIVE! Can I help you in other things??? Bye ---Rogue 5 Out---
Rogue 5 [01/13/2004]
Sorry for my porr english: That is i want to say: it's nice to see how thsi page is still alive because I am posting messages regulary here haha, Thanks for nice words Luka
Bhakar [01/13/2004]
... uuuh I must be crazy - sitting hours in front of my pc, getting rectangular eyes while programming my XWA-monster-mission (miss some commands/conditions, others work like dice, tricky stuff); nevertheless can't stop thinking about an RS-Editor (more hours...). Hm. Does anyone know (or can guess "precisely") how many RS/XW/XvT/XWA players could be still active (i.e. in .uk and .com)? Yeah, heaven knows, but I would like to get an idea before going that way... Kridinks ...that is "shinari" dialect and means "Greetings" #-)
JediMaster [01/13/2004]
Hey can u give me your e-mail,i wanna ask you a question?
Rogue 5 [01/14/2004]
hey BHAKAR you aren't insane, it's just the STARWARSSIMULATIONMANIA hahaha Happy triggers to all who still playing (like me) RS, XWA, XvT. XW, TIE FIGHTER and all space combat simulation games from the LucasArts game family!
Bhakar [01/14/2004]
Me? My e-mail is very "free"... The (possible not) insane...
Rogue 5 [01/19/2004]
Hallo! Luka, how are you? i hope that you are fine. Someone have a link fot XvT hidden opts like the Millenium Falcon, or the opt file of Millenium Falcon, or even a link to downloadin' them!?
LukA_YJK [01/20/2004]
Hey Rogues what's up? Bhakar hope ou will be programming new missions for Rogue Squadron one dayHola, Rogue 5 try the link below- Darksaber's Opt Station, probably you'll find what you are looking for there.
Bhakar [01/22/2004] Tried playing a round RS1 with a new joystick, but couldn't get the right tuning. Playing with the good-old-cheap-mouse is best for me (this game). Besides: did ever anybody fly through beggars canyon faster than Wedge (for gold)??? I assume, it's somehow programmed to be a kind of "mission impossible", so the player must (shall) find the right moment to cheat Wedge (Bad boy you are, Mr. Skywalker)!
Rogue 5 [01/24/2004]
hallo to all, first Bhakar it's so easy to fly more fast than Wedge, if you find TOO HARD to fly fast use the tricks like the shortcuts! chao Bhakar chobito...
Bhakar [01/27/2004]
I forgot: it was easy to fly faster than Wedge, but then it was impossible to stop at an edge, coming around with no crashing! And when I turned "higher" without slowing down hardly - I "jumped" out the curves - woooamm - always called cheater...) So I decided to cheat "well", and the nice shortcut saved my self-consciousness at the end. huuuuu, sniff. Yes, I am a snail... By the way: got all gold and some missions within times up to 30 percent less than needed (first once in about 1:45). Ok, ok, I see it, I'm getting older... (the way all goes...)
Rogue 5 [02/03/2004]
OK-ASS bhakar, hahahaha
Bhakar [02/05/2004]
Was ill since one week (and have no internet at home!!, but horse and carriage...). Can anybody tell me some hints about best setup of internet connection (package seize, rate, thinks to turn off, others to turn on)? Now - after some centuries - I was able to play in the zone (XWA); but lags were big, jumping ties all around, hard to hit (I survived anyway and reached second place... that I had to say). Would like to play with .uk and .com world, but at this stage, connection quality (several green lights on) isn't funny. Ok. And if nothing happens, I sign in at a certain webside, trying to get some response... (oh, secret, secret).
Rogue 5 [02/08/2004]
Ho ho ho. How are you LukA? i hope you fine last two weeks i was so excited Playin' StarCraft, Rogue Squadron, X-wing vs TIE Fighter and other COOl games hehehe that is the reason because i'm not writing too much here sorry!
LukA_YJK [02/13/2004]
Hey, Rogues, sorry for disappearing for a whileHeah, the Beggar's Canyon is the only level that produces adrenaline rushand I found out that if you ever will leave behind Wedge he will crash by striking your T16 from back and you will fail the mission. So the only possible way is to use that shortcut at the end of Canyon. You guys are lucky, Rogue Squadron is the only game I have...
Bhakar [02/18/2004]
Has anybody played "KOTOR" (hope it is known everywhere as Kotor)? Must be a very interactive SW-Game, but I never trust in traders "newest-best-all-you-want"...
Bhakar [02/20/2004]
P.S.: Thanks for saying "...only possible way..." - to LukA_YJK. (that's what I always said, thought, dreamed...)
Rogue 5 [02/21/2004]
Hey Luka don't be too sad, soon will come da day wen you have your room PLENTY OF GAMES!!! i you live in chile.... that was a great new for me! only try to visit chile for meet you good great FRIEND
Rogue 5 [02/21/2004]
by da way, how can i keep diz site alive 4ever???
Rogue 5 [02/21/2004]
P.S: Someone can be a VERY GUTEN BOY AND TELL ME HOW TO PLAY THE FANTASTIC, GREATEST, WONDERFUL, CHUMBAWAMBA GAME called X-Wing vs TIE Fighter in multiplayer???? oaaaaaah i'm goin to crash in my NEW X-Wing, initiating eject precedures R2D2 eject now!!! aaarrghhhhhhh --Rogue 5 Out--
Bhakar [02/22/2004]
Copy Rogue5: Ich bin ein guter Junge... Hey R5, you have 2 CDs for XvT, and second CD is for multiplayer use. You must select the IP or IPX or (whatever is your connection type for internet) and should setup some parameters (graphics, sound and so on). If you can play any other game via the "zone", than XvT should work also. Connect to the zone, open CD-Rom games, select XvT and let your CD2 in the drive... (I think you know this already). Bhakar over and out.
Rogue 5 [02/26/2004]
Dank für diese Spitze Bhakar! Greets to Bhakar and LukA_YJK!
Help!! [03/05/2004]
i Want to drive the AT-AT or the TIE-Bomber!!Can somebody make an mod or tool??
Bhakar [03/22/2004]
All ships/crafts in RS1 are packed into one big, big file, so it is ver hard to check this with a hex-editor (no chance for me). I remembered some posts about hidden crafts and people able to activate it, but - checking all known forums - didn't find these post again. Sorry to say, but: keep on searching inside the net! Maybe a post/question on pages of developers or mod-creators (even if another SW-game) could help you... Good luck.
Help!! [03/23/2004]
Bhakar [03/23/2004]
Blind deaf lame... call it as you like, but I posted my answer "lefthanded" (brainless), so didn't mention this (rogue.squad...) webside! Thought I read somewhere else similar informations, but look at the start page and you will find first hints about a hidden craft, people handling with this kind of data and so on. May the power be with you (and me too). ...where are my pills...?
LukA_YJK [03/24/2004]
Hey, Rogues! I'm back and"Right now I feel like I could take on the whole Empire myself!"
Rogue 5 [04/01/2004]
my dear friend luka it's nice to see you again returnin' from the shadows! hope that the force may be with you and bhakar! ciao --Rogue 5 out--
Bhakar [04/25/2004]
Hi all! Due to bad cirumstances (my left eye is damaged by some kind of "stroke", so I had to run around from one doctor to another), I wasn't able to spend much time/activity for starwars matters. Hope I can see the stars for a long time in future. But nevertheless, when this illness(?) is cured, I will "come back" to these things. Hope you are all happy and healthy? See(!) you.
LukA_YJK [05/01/2004]
Oh my... BhakarWhat kind of "stroke"? A friend of mine has serous problems with eye recently, but he is allright now. Hope you'll be OK soon! Take care and May the Force be with you!
Anti-ST [05/04/2004]
Excellent utils! Very cool! Keep up the good work! And eh... would it be possible to have a level creator sometime in the future?
Rogue 5 [05/04/2004]
nobody says "hi" to me =(... by the way now i am playin' Rebel Assault 2 but keepin' playing the other star wars games in my collection hohoho, now i'm a padawan (i have the great, wonderful and cool lightsaber from Luke Skywalker in Return Of The Jedi) hhohohooh, i have started my jedi way!
Bhakar [05/05/2004]
Hallo (hi to Rogue 5), and thanks for LukA_YJK spreading "good hope". Actually, my eye is not as it was before, but if it can "hold this performance" (hu!), I could live with (In deed I must). All doctors didn't find something suspicious until today (I'm a healthy invalid). Nevertheless I play SW and keep on XWA-Editing and the day will come, I get a RS1 editor (someone tells me, I've got it...). The grey eminence.
Anti-ST [05/07/2004]
You are making me excited! What kind of editor? A level maker? Please tell! And hope your eyes get better soon... Did you try the laser-eyeoperation? It is performed by V-Wings recently and not Y-Wings. You can tell why...
Rogue 5 [05/08/2004]
hohohohoho, (Hi to bhakar and Luka) RS Editor!?!?!?!??!? CAN YOU SEND THAT EDITOR TO MY MAIL?? (
Rogue 5 [05/08/2004]
hope your eye get better soon bhakar
LukA_YJK [05/09/2004]
Hi there Rogues Welcome to board, Anti-ST! Bhakar, did they get the editor at last?! Or you just wrote about the dream of all of us [song]Dre-e-eams, pap-pa-ra-pa-pa-a-a-a...[/song] So everything is physiologically alright with your eye, isn't it? By the way, Anti-ST, did you try to add your e-mail to the notification list. If yes, please try again. Seems my code has some bug and it does not work sometimesSee you... soon... I hope...
Anti-ST [05/10/2004]
I haven't added yet, I just added it now. (Can I get a copy of that editor if possible? / If it is larger than 5 megs (let's say 4.5 megs) use - It is a cool service to send large files.
Anti-ST [05/10/2004]
Ohh, and Bhakar, hope you get better(, the best)!
Bhakar [05/10/2004]
...time is with us - because every day more is increasing chances, the developers of RS1 will be glad to get "rid" of this old editor software (for nothing but a "thanks everybody"). As long as I can wait (uuuh, I can!), that is no dream (if it is one day, it is now). And my left eye? It was definitly a blocked "blood pipeline" (and is blocked up to now). Drink, drink, drink!!! 3L mineral water per day. Remember this, do it also! Never wait for your mind advising you to drink - trink before and after and meanwhile... (no joke). All in all I had luck on my side, it could be worse (the doctors said). Greetings to all and: I "see you" again...
Bhakar [05/10/2004]
And for all enthousiastics (complicate, this word, isn't it?), if you want to "free that editor", read messages above (starting with >LukA_YJK [12/26/2003]<. Hard to get a list filled with interested people, we should use tactic "B" (attack their nervs by questioning all the time...) :-[ !!!
Anti-ST [05/11/2004]
Shall I mail them? (If you say so, I would...)
Anti-ST [05/11/2004]
Another question... Some futuretelling - when will that editor be released - what do you think? Weeks, Months, Years? In imagination I am already planning the Battle of Endor scenario...
Rogue 5 [05/11/2004]
ohohoho i can't wait to start working on a new mission for RS1 hoohoho, but is downloadable (the editor)?? if the answer is YES ¿¿¿what site is located???
Mail!! [05/11/2004]
Am I asked? I will vote for: mail as mail can, the more the better... Factor5 doesn't use that very old editor (in that very old version) any more (if yes, they are planing very old games to release...). Best they could do with, is a "promotion act" to show their heart for all (us) SW players... (never say I would pay some $ for it). :-o
Bhakar [05/11/2004]
That was my Mail!!!
LukA_YJK [05/12/2004]
Don't hurryLet's prepare a draft of petition letter and then send it together. Maybe even at once What do you think?
Anti-ST [05/12/2004]
Okay I'd be pleased to sign it, and I'll also get my brother into it.
Rogue 5 [05/12/2004]
ME too boys, i can do anything to get it, maybe i can include my twin brother ohhohohohoho good luck for us Greets for LukA_YJK, Anti-ST and Bhakar... Maybe we can create a association or organization of this.......
Rogue 5 [05/12/2004]
i'm so excited of all of this!!!!
Anti-ST [05/13/2004]
Slow down, Rogue 5... First we must see that document and sign it and get that editor and make superb scenarios... But slow down... When a whole TIE Interceptor Squadron is on your back, it can be risky to hunt a whole bunch of ATSTs... I don't know where did that came from but the situation sounds nice, perhaps in a scenario... Hehe... (And I am not excited about this, hehe)
Bhakar [05/14/2004]
Could it be?? If a common letter shall be sent, how to get it "signed"? Maybe this way: we suggest (here) some phrases and announce a day, where everybody can write a short (positive) comment - and one of us will have the honour to copy this texts into a mail for factor5 (to whom it may concern, at least). For sure, we can collect already written comments, too. Any other idea? Bhakar
Anti-ST [05/15/2004]
Fine, fine. Just do something, please... Announce the day and I'll get the text here.
Bhakar [05/16/2004]
I'm from germany, so my english speaking certainly sounds "artificial"; someone out there with "perfect style" (or beeing educated in Oxford)?? Maybe tough american backalley slang will work, too? :?)
Anti-ST [05/16/2004]
Make a draft and I'll punch it up to sound more official. I'm educated at a school that takes English teaching 1st - we study history, geography, maths, biology in English and we have 2 types of English classes, altogether 9 English lessons a week. Are you convinced?
Anti-ST [05/18/2004]
What is the problem? Have you lost your connection?
Bhakar [05/18/2004]
Dear Sirs, my internet is at my office, not at home. Sometimes I stay at home. I must confess, it occurs I'm busy with different matters (eating, sleeping, playing with my cat, looking tv and so on...). At this very moment I'm recording some music I need to work with for my band (and some angry guitarists are waiting, too). So please can you forgive me once more? A draft - "We the people...", it must not be a constitution, nor the wishlist of a young boy at Xmas. I don't want to hear voices saying afterwards: we would have done it better... So let me some few days (but you are free to "remember" me).
Anti-ST [05/19/2004]
Now that explains everything. My e-mail is - make sure you add some nice title to the e-mail because I get a lot of Spam nowadays (Just write Rogue Squadron and I'll jump over to it).
LukA_YJK [05/20/2004]
Same situation - with me, Bahakar But we can post the draft here, then everybody will get itautomatically.
Anti-ST [05/22/2004]
When are you at office, Bhakar and Luka_YJK by the ways?
Rogue 5 [05/22/2004]
Greetz to all, i have nothin' to say
Anti-ST [05/23/2004]
That was the first time we heard something like that from you, Janson...
Anti-ST [05/29/2004]
It was nearly a week since the last post... But I also have a question. I read it in a description that at the Battle of Endor (the movie) an A-Wing, out of control, hits something. I don't remember that part, is it true?
Bhakar [05/31/2004]
Good old first three movies... Yes, it's right! The scene is very short and not described a lot by any actors around. The admiral gives the command for concentrating all efforts on the SSD's shields. But it seems to be "lucky" a rebell fighter unable to control course (due to the imperial fire!) hits the bridge, so for a moment the SSD is out of control itself (that's what I remember just now). Next scene the SSD collides with another ship and explodes, Ackbhar feeling reliefed (...where is my dictionary!?). Ok. I didn't forget...
Anti-ST [06/01/2004]
And ehh... Another question - (Thanks Bhakar) There is a Corellian Freighter called the outrider. It can be seen in Shadows of the Empire (game). Is this freighter in some part of a movie?
Bhakar [06/02/2004]
... that's what I thought while playing the missions for a second time - but I can't remember a scene involving a freighter "Outrider" (Maybe my thoughts collide with a remembrance of a Startrek episode...). Certainly there exist people knowing all (all) about anything (even the name of the friend of the studios best boy, the one who talked too loud behind the camera in scene 1093...). Nice question for a tv-quiz show.
Anti-ST [06/03/2004]
Taking a look at the fact that it will take much time for it to be born, i dropped together the letter. Hope the "Enters" will work.

Dear Factor 5,
We are a group of enthusiastic fans of your perfect PC-platform computer game, Rogue Squadron 3D. We got notice of the fact that you still own the main editor tool you used for this game, but don't use it on any of your programs because it is out-of-date by now. It would be great if you could release this tool as freeware, or a downloadable patch for the game itself. It would make Rogue Squadron 3D customisable, which is basically its only weakness. Several new fan-sites would open, showing their own custom missions, which would be downloadable.
We already thank your kind and helpful decision,
The Rogue Squadron Fans

Bhakar [06/04/2004]
Looks like to be enough to say (it's ok), but perhaps one should add the fact of people collecting old (famous) games, or anything about starwars, so that editor would be a "milestone" in gameplay enhancement, and the game itself was one, too. Even in our days, the anarchic style is somehow unique and I've seen modern games making me yawning/bored instead! [Let's say: it must be released for the benefits of studies, education and science...] ;-)
Anti-ST [06/05/2004]
Well, I guess that would be a bit too much to say: education, science... but let's see what can I do to it in 3 minutes:
Dear Factor 5,
We are a group of enthusiastic fans of your perfect PC-platform computer game, Rogue Squadron 3D. We got notice of the fact that you still own the main editor tool you used for this game, but don't use it on any of your programs because it is out-of-date by now. It would be great if you could release this tool as freeware, or a downloadable patch for the game itself. It would make Rogue Squadron 3D customisable, which is basically its only weakness. The editor would also serve as a new item in the arsenal of all those enthusiastic collectors of Star Wars items. Several new fan-sites would open, showing their own custom missions, which would be downloadable.
We already thank your kind and helpful decision,
The Rogue Squadron Fans

Well, this is basically just one more sentence, thanks for the comments, Bhakar! We really need to make this letter perfect, because we really want to get that editor.
Bhakar [06/05/2004]
Sure! Any idea to point the fact of advertisement for them and their current working? :-)
Anti-ST [06/06/2004]
Let's see...
Dear Factor 5,
We are a group of enthusiastic fans of your perfect PC-platform computer game, Rogue Squadron 3D. We got notice of the fact that you still own the main editor tool you used for this game, but don't use it on any of your programs because it is out-of-date by now. It would be great if you could release this tool as freeware, or a downloadable patch for the game itself. It would make Rogue Squadron 3D customisable, which is basically its only weakness - and could also provide as some advertisement that Factor 5 does care about its long-time fans. The editor would also serve as a new item in the arsenal of all those enthusiastic collectors of Star Wars items. Several new fan-sites would open, showing their own custom missions, which would be downloadable. We already thank your kind and helpful decision,
The Rogue Squadron Fans

Oh, yes, and Bhakar, could you post it on some forums to get some signatures? I will post it on one forum, but it is not a SW forum, so don't expect heavy help. Please, could you do this part?
LukA_YJK [06/07/2004]
Hey, nice work Anti-ST/Bhakar! Better to address Factor5 and LucasArts, what do you think? Let's ask at LucasForums how they run their previous petitions? I'm thinking about a web-form where you enter your mail-address and just click 'Send' to send the ready text automatically to LucasArts/Factor5
Anti-ST [06/07/2004]
I give my e-mail to this request, it is My brother also sends his address, He is considering joining this message pad, I guess he will soon. I post this form on the Public Commander Keen Forum, a forum of an old DOS-game, this is the only place I know, but the guys there are quite nice and I know them well. OK?
Rogue Camel [06/07/2004]
Hi, I'm here, the brother of Anti-ST. It is possible that I won't send much messages, but after we get the editor, you'll be flooded!
Bhakar [06/07/2004]
Many ways... I would prefer to create this ONE letter, subscribed by some (=all available, with email-adress), and add postings from here (and from everywhere) as "fan-voices"; meanwhile spreading this letter to forums AND collecting further names/adresses for a second letter after a while (if no response), better than waiting for the unknowns to react (it is more difficult for each one "alone" to send a post to factor5, but he/she will likely give us their written opinion instead). And we have some kind of control concerning common interest and factor5's reaction... My adress is (which sounds like "free for you").
Anti-ST [06/09/2004]
Just do it, please. I can't wait to get the editor.
LukA_YJK [06/11/2004]
Hey, Rogues why hurry up? I think it is better to prepare the text carefully and organise everything completely. Then we will have more chances to be listened.
Anti-ST [06/11/2004]
Yes, yes. I did not mean now and at this second, but I meant "don't put this on your waiting list a.k.a It can wait". I do what I can, but I can't advertise it on other forums, too... Like the RS forum. That would be a good place to start...
Bhakar [06/12/2004]
We should plan a certain "D-Day" now (before summer holidays?). At that day/week we should post anouncements to the most important forums (to more than one topic; and let's check out now, which ones these are). - - - The anouncement could be as follows: ATTENTION please! All players of good old ROGUE SQUADRON I PC-Game (and any other who may help): we are on the way to ask the producer for releasing the (old) mission-editor! You should visit NOW to support our petition (a short comment will do it). There is nothing more you need to do, but we'll appreciate your help!... - - - Something like this... - - - Maybe it will help to send direct letters at certain websites of tiefighter-clans or developers of XWA-mods, because they could make some advertisement for this/us. ?? Ok ??
Anti-ST [06/13/2004]
Well, I could not get any help from the forum I know. :-( And the problem with the RS forums is that my antivirus doesn't let me in somehow... (Sorry, I'm out...) I guess you are on your own Rogues... Sorry.
Bhakar [06/13/2004]
Sorry, my explorer malfunctions and so I'm producing "doubles"... --- To Anti-ST: sounds a bit depressiv, hm? But you allow us to list your name in the petition? --- Anyway, your comments are supporting us!
LukA_YJK [06/14/2004]
Totally agree, Bhakar! We should do everything in same time for maximum impact. So don't worry Anti-ST. Now cut-off all communications, total silence till D-Day Give me time untill this weekend I'll prepare a Petition form so everybody will need just enter her email and click send to send it to Factor5/LucasArts. Let's concentrate on the petition text. Are you all happy about it? LukA_YJK out...
Anti-ST [06/14/2004]
I don't mean to brake silence, just to Bhakar: Of course I agree. List Rogue Camel too. His e-mail is
Bhakar [06/15/2004]
Anti-ST [06/25/2004]
Sorry, but "untill this weekend" is over now - any progress? Any editor?
Bhakar [06/26/2004]
... we need more of you in politics, science, education, business, ... ;-) Have checked some websites, possibly good for announcements? ... 1. --- 2. --- 3. --- 4. --- 5. --- 6. --- 7. --- 8. --- 9. --- 10. --- 11. --- 12. --- 12. --- 13. yours ???
Rogue 5 [06/26/2004]
Hi guys, a lot of time as passed here right? i was a little busy with the college (tests, works and millions of bullshit homeworks!) may the Force be with us! greetings to Anti-ST, Bhakar, and, of course, Luka_YJK.. GOOD LUCK FOR US
Rogue 5 [06/26/2004]
list me in the petition text please!!!
Anti-ST [06/27/2004]
May the force be with us - oh yeah and where is Luka_YJK? BTW not as part of the petition but I found a pretty nice site with some downloadable games (Battle of Yavin, Battle of Endor) at - they are worth a look, I played the games, and are nearly as good as RS itself.
Bhakar [06/27/2004]
Hope all of you have read the post (petition version 3) dated 06.06.2004 - and hopefully we can get some more websites to send it (soon). - Next we must fix a day for our "plan" !!!
Anti-ST [06/28/2004]
Where is Luka? He is the great master...
Anti-ST [07/04/2004]
[impatient]Okay, let's do something... Anything to add? We'll never have that editor if we are so slow...[/impatient]
LukA_YJK [07/05/2004]
Sorry, sorry, Rogues! [patient]I know, I know... Let's concentrate on the petition text, I promise to do the rest till this weekend[/patient]I was extremely busy nowadays trying to finish some work, you know...
Anti-ST [07/05/2004]
Aaah, at last! This weekend! 7 days & counting!!! Woohoo! Just for this I'll go chicken hunting! (ATST)
Rogue 5 [07/10/2004]
nobody says "Hi" to me XD i feel sick...
Rogue 5 [07/10/2004]
THX 4 your friendship....
Rogue 5 [07/10/2004]
By the way greetz to Anti_ST, Bhakar and Luka_YJK
Anti-ST [07/11/2004]
Hello, Rogue 5! :-D How's it goin', Rogue Leader? (LukA_YJK?)
Rogue Camel [07/11/2004]
Are you talking, Rogue 5? What about me?
Bhakar [07/11/2004]
... is it family day? Thanks for greetings, R5.
Anti-ST [07/16/2004]
[intrigued] Did you get the editor? Did you get the editor? [/intrigued]
Rogue 5 [07/23/2004]
Hi pals, how's the editor thing? i hope you're all fine and this thing work (the editor), perhaps some of us (who knows how to create a programm) can create a home-brewed editor...
Rogue 5 [07/23/2004]
i like you all, you are the only fellowes that i have in this great-old game called Rogue Squadron. Greetz to Rogue Camel, Bhakar, Anti-ST and obviously Luka_YJK. Greetz and may the Force be with us. ///---(Rogue 5 out)---\\\
Rogue 5 [07/23/2004]
fellowes: Pals/Dudes/Friends etc
Rogue 5 [07/23/2004]
By the way: Who of us plays Jedi Knight: Jedi Outcast II??
Bhakar [07/24/2004]
Hi Rogue 5, I'm playing (until now) only the old sw-games (like XWA, XvT or RS 1). ... the editor ... hm. I think we had a probably useful petition text, and we have (right here) several comments to add. What we don't have: a certain week, for anouncing once more our plan, wishing to get feedback from xyz forums and typical sw-sites. Why not in august, soon?
Anti-ST [07/25/2004]
Anytime... I can hardly wait... Rogue 5, I know some simple programming but that won't be enough here. Bytheways, what is your favorite RS 1 level? If we get that editor, I promise you to make a challenging level.
Rogue 5 [07/25/2004]
Hi dudes, a full-work week i have here =(. Good Idea Bhakar , that would be cool sure!. Anti-ST i cannot answer you that question 'coz i like the ENTIRE game and not only a level. Rogue Squadron (and all other Star Wars titles) RULEZZ 4EVER and NO DISCUSS!
Rogue 5 [07/25/2004]
i'm so sorry, my XWA disk #2 has scratched too much and i can't play the second part of the game =(
Rogue 5 [07/25/2004]
By the way.. Who listens Metal musically talking?? I like very much the Metal music and you??
Rogue 5 [07/25/2004]
Greetz to all my dudes here!
Rogue 5 [07/25/2004]
///---(Rogue 5 out)---\\\
LukA_YJK [07/26/2004]
Hey, Rogues! Sorry, I hate to be a hypocrite, but sometimes...At least I started with this special petition form and hope to finish for this weekend...Then I'll ask you to test it. Also I'm going to use some graphics I created long ago:
Anti-ST [07/26/2004]
Cool! That'll bring some nice effect with itself! Rogue 5, nelieve me, I just wanted to ask, which level shall I use for my first level?
Bhakar [07/26/2004]
Hi Rogue 5, saw a merchandise tv, where a cheap cleaning set for damaged cds was presented, maybe you can repair the cd; you're sure not having done any image?? You're sure not having lost that image by a friend occasionally?? No helping hands? I would search in auctions (ebay ...). I would like to play harder levels for RS1; indeed, the gamecube(?) has a keyword for "really hard" playing! Last thing: I just now realize many of factor5 peoples have been or still are ... germans? Look at their names. So when date is fixed, maybe I can add some germans too.
Rogue 5 [07/27/2004]
Hi to all, Anti-ST i can't tell you what level of RS1 is that like too much, i like the entire game now.
atatpilot [08/03/2004]
I noticed that if you control this chicken-AT-ST there are sometimes Rockets as your secondary weapons. Can i use those Rockets??? And why this cheat-AT-ST is so tiny?? It's smallet than an AT-PT. do you await Battlefront???
Anti-ST [08/05/2004]
Is it really smaller or is it just look like? No I don't think you can use those missiles. Did you look at some pregame cinematics? (Y-Wing cockpit, for instance?(Kile II))
Rogue 5 [08/08/2004]
Hi dudes, how are you? I hope you're fine. Who's atatpilot?? a new RS1 player or something like that?? By the way you could add him to our Petition List! //--(Rogue 5 out)--\\
Anti-ST [08/11/2004]
Can you be a bit more ehh... calm, Rogue 5?
Rogue 5 [08/21/2004]
Hei to all. Anti-ST, are you saying that I am an accelerated and panic being?? That hurts my honor!
atatpilot [08/24/2004]
I am an AT-AT fanatic Imperial. i am playing RS since 3 years i think. Since 1999. And the ATAT's and AT-ST's are the best modeled in any Star Wars game. In Battlefront the Legs of the AT-St are a bit too big. They must be more bird-like. More longer-not bigger. Sorry for my english ;)
Anti-ST [09/15/2004]
This place is amazingly frozen, isn't it?
Bhakar [09/16/2004]
Copy! You got it. Such a long time of vacancies/hollidays... (or some 200 degrees below zero?)
Anti-ST [09/17/2004]
I think the second version applies. Everyone is waiting for the others to send that mail...
atatpilot [09/29/2004]
Hope there are tools where i can control those cool AT-AT's. I MUST crush the rebels!! It's my duty!
Anti-ST [09/29/2004]
I don't know of any tools for that, and the other thing is that it is too bad AT-ATs fall to pieces from a simple wire - which can be applied without risk (unless you have some AT-STs guarding your legs. Believe me I've crushed many AT-ATs.
atatpilot [10/01/2004]
BUT ONLY the Player is able to kill atat's with wires. And i want to control those cute AT-PT's or those Tanks from "Search for the Nonnah" AND THE TIE-BOMBER!!! The Sound of its bombs is the greatest Sound for Bombs i've ever heared!!! LUCASARTS!!! CREATE AN ROGUE-SQUADRON EDITOR PLEASE!!! HELP ME LUCASARTS!! YOU'RE MY ONLY HOPE!
LukA_YJK [10/03/2004]
Sorry a long for delay, Rogues! I feel really guiltybut now I'm back! I'll report soonAnd please, never offend each other!
Yoda [10/03/2004]
What happens if i make the Chaet Usedaforce??? In google i saw an Cheat for an AT-AT and an B-Wing!?!
Rogue 5 [10/09/2004]
Hi teammates Luka, Bhakar, Anti-ST and atatpilot. How are you? i hope you're fine hohoho
Anti-ST [10/10/2004]
Despite the fact I'm flying something fast and trying to pull up this damaged craft right into a Super Star Destroyer's control bridge, thanks, I'm fine.
atatpilot [10/31/2004]
I am fine. But i lost my AT-AT.
??????????????? [10/31/2004]
Boy our great Eclipse-Class Star-Destroyers!!! They are bigger than an Super Star Destroyer and are equipped with an axial Superlaser. Only 94786737667734767, 7836 Credits. Crew and Crafts not included.
Anti-ST [11/02/2004]
What a spam. The Emperor won't be pleased with this offer, I'm sure, but we, rebels are not interested, thanks.
Redwing [12/07/2004]
Hi, Luka, just dropping in to say hi and let you know your site is still being read...despite the lack of updates...;)
Bhakar [12/07/2004]
...that's true, anyway.
Anti-ST [12/08/2004]
Agree. How sad this ended up.
LukA_YJK [12/10/2004]
Die Liebe ist ein wildes Tier
Sie atmet dich, sie sucht nach dir
Nistet auf gebrochenem Herzen
Geht auf Jagd bei Kuß und Kerzen
Saugt sich fest an deinen Lippen
Gräbt sich Gänge durch die Rippen
Läßt sich fallen weich wie Schnee
Erst wird es heiss dann kalt am Ende tut es weh
Bhakar [12/10/2004]
... gut gebrüllt, Löwe!
hawkeye [12/10/2004]
how do you beat battle above talorran
Bhakar [12/10/2004]
Often, because its hard and the best comes at the final part... Try your own "path" (take some defenses of platforms "far away", while flying to a nearby one). Don't waste too much time in dogfights with ties spinning around (ok, you can shoot a lot of them from behind, when the "armarda" comes in, but that cost time). Reaching the town, you must fly straight downwards to get the bonus, sorry if your craft crashes. But I prefer to watch out for that damn last on tie! It always turns faster, you should try some frontal rockets (get in distance first), or seeking rockets, if you have. After this, it's much easier to dive for the bonus, and finish with the last platform. Fly fast when you can, but slow on attacks (for more hits on targets). And never destroy civilians twice...
Rogue 5 [12/11/2004]
Hi dudes, it has been a VERY VERY long time ago i've wrote my last post! I hope you're fine... Greets to all of you specially for Bhakar, Anti-ST, atatpilot and, of course, my dear friend Luka_YJK Merry Christmas!
Anti-ST [12/11/2004]
Merry Christmas all of you! Oh, bytheway, if you can use any craft and do it anyway you want (but no cheats!), how fast can you finish the jade moon?
Bhakar [12/11/2004]
If you have target seeking missiles, it's very easy to shoot down the bomber groups and these endless looped tiefighters (gunfire needs much more time and results in bad accuracy)... - I start this round with flying fast ahead, destroying the guntowers, heading back for the rest of the AT-STs, then fly 2 o'clock directly towards the bonus point. Missiles platforms can be taken out one by one shooting earlier ;-) Before the generator explodes, I make points around, than hurry up to save the base (AT-STs crawling out of a hangar...). - A nice mission, I like the music and the (dark) atmosphere, somehow like flying thru space...
Anti-ST [12/12/2004]
Yes, but you don't have to get the bonus, my choice is the A-Wing, etc. The only goal is to finish the level as fast as you can.
Anti-ST [12/12/2004]
My best time is 1:19. Can you beat that?
Bhakar [12/12/2004]
... that's great! (as long as you won't get the gold medal). I remember early days, when I (and my friends) got crazy even with the first mission - how to do that under 3 minutes!?!). Later It was less then 2 and a half (with gold conditions). Ok, I will try my luck one day and make it one second better... ;-)
Rogue 5 [12/14/2004]
Hey someone had dare to post a message with my name!! Yo dirty punk where you are name-cheater.. be original and create yourself a nickname and don't steal the others!!!
Rogue 5 [12/14/2004]
oh guys, what happened with the petition list??. Bhakar i have my hands full, can you shoot down that TIE-Fighter behind me, he's targeting me!! and i need to fire the proton torpedoes to that orifice (!) in the end of this trench, Anti-ST provide cover for Bhakar and Luka_YJK tell the squad that the work is almost done!! (Obviously this is a joke only with fun purpose!!) //--***Rogue 5 \\
Rogue 5 [12/14/2004]
oh guys, what happened with the petition list??. --Fanfic Section-- Bhakar i have my hands full, can you shoot down that TIE-Fighter behind me, he's targeting me!! and i need to fire the proton torpedoes to that orifice (!) in the end of this trench, Anti-ST provide cover for Bhakar and Luka_YJK tell the squad that the work is almost done!! (Obviously this is a joke only with fun purpose!!) //--***Rogue 5 \\
Rogue 5 [12/14/2004]
oh guys, what happened with the petition list??. --Fanfic Section-- Intro: Flyin' for the alliance our intrepid and courageous squad have taken the most dangerous mission: complete the death star trench run..... ...And in the middle of the battle....... Bhakar i have my hands full, can you shoot down that TIE-Fighter behind me, he's targeting me!! and i need to fire the proton torpedoes to that orifice (!) in the end of this trench, Anti-ST provide cover for Bhakar and Luka_YJK tell the squad that the work is almost done!! (Obviously this is a joke only with fun purpose!!) //--***Rogue 5 \\
Anti-ST [12/14/2004]
Copy Rogue 5, I'm on my way. Bhakar will have that TIE down in a sec. Ya might want to watch out tho - the center one of those 3 TIEs looks to be familiar... Oh, and of course not gold, because I didn't get the bonus. And I didn't destroy any missile turrets either.
Rogue 5 [12/26/2004]
Hehehe, I just want to greet you all here and merry christmas for all the players of this ol'good game Rogue Squadron ;)
Anti-ST [12/26/2004]
Merry Christmas everyone! Oh, did anybody manage to beat my record on The Jade Moon? 1:19 remember. No restrictions, except: No Auto Roll, No Auto Level, NO Crosshairs. Recommended craft: A-Wing.
Rogue 5 [12/31/2004]
Hi guys, I hope you arefine and ok. Happy new year to all of you! I love you guys:
Anti-ST [01/01/2005]
Happy new 2005 folks! Hope we get SOMETHING done this year...
Rogue Camel [01/05/2005]
Happy new year all folks! Be a nice challenging 2005!
atatpilot [01/28/2005]
Ich will nen AT-AT fahren.
Editor [02/19/2005]
I downloaded rogue-dat, but how do you extract files? I want to make my y-wing faster, can i do it? can somebody help please?
Anti-ST [02/22/2005]
RogueDat has no control over the most inner files of the game, like craft performance. If so, tell me how you do it :-)
Rogue 5 [02/27/2005]
Sorry, but Rogue-Dat cannot edit Craft capabilities
Tailgunr [02/27/2005]
Is there any way to speed up the pc version of the game?
Rogue Camel [02/27/2005]
Maybe the graphic, audio, etc. options, the resolution is the best way to speed up the game in the PC version. No other idea, I think editors can't do that... Oh, thanks Rogue 5 to give that message, I started to belive that.
Editor [02/28/2005]
There's got to be a way to edit those crafts!, those guys can edit anything they made there own levels and mods, they could probably do it. Anyone interested in having your wwing move like a naboo fighter?
Editor [02/28/2005]
There's got to be a way to edit those crafts!, those guys can edit anything they made there own levels and mods, they could probably do it. Anyone interested in having your wwing move like a naboo fighter?
editor [02/28/2005]
y-wing* ?
Tailgunr [03/05/2005]
Ok have a problem here. Rogue Squadron only plays when it wants too. Sometimes it is ok and then other times it will crash to desktop at the start or the end of a level. Any tweaks out there. I have tried the compat wiz and other settings i.e. desktop res and in game settings.
Rogue 5 [03/16/2005]
And Luka?? Luka...Where you are???
Rogue Camel [03/17/2005]
That's a good question...
Anti-ST [03/18/2005]
Tailgunr, did you try the things in the launcher? Analyse computer, troubleshooting. Also, perhaps you might need the latest drivers or the latest version of DirectX(?)
Tailgunr [03/21/2005]
Yep have the latest drivers and DirectX. Snalyse comp says it can run on my machine
The AT-AT [04/04/2005]
Rogue Camel [04/04/2005]
If you want a big one, wait for Bruno R. Marcos's game, Battle of Hoth. There will be AT-ATs sure! (Stupid Imperials)
Yacobs [04/05/2005]
Hi, I can't type my pilot name when I try to create a character. ESC and Enter keys are disabled. Only arrow keys work around. Any ideas?
Anti-ST [04/10/2005]
Do they work in other applications, like MS Word?
StarFire [04/19/2005]
Hello. I just downloaded RougeDat1.0. How do you extract/import files with this? I can open the bundle files, but cannot do anything else with them. My OS in WinXP Pro.
cmdr_max [04/24/2005]
just wondering: would it be possible to make a multiplayer patch for rougue squadon, just like some people did for gta3 and 4?
Tailgunr [04/25/2005]
Has anyone managed to get Rogue Squadron to run smoothly on XP Pro and if so what did you do?
Anti-ST [04/25/2005]
I haven't been playing around much with RogueDat... Experiment around with it a bit and you will be able to dig deep perhaps. It would be great to have a multiplayer patch, but LucasArts never made one. Ask them to make one and perhaps they reply :) And about XP Pro - there have been problems with other products on Windows XP, like Need for Speed: Porsche Unleashed. On some PCs it is choppy on others it works fine. Try to right click the game exe (not the launcher) select properties, go to compatibility and try all modes. Perhaps that helps.
StarFire [04/26/2005]
Good idea, Anti-ST, but I'd need to be able to extract and import files using RogueDat, and thus far, I can't. Do you know how to?
StarFire [05/03/2005]
Does anyone know?
LukA_YJK [05/03/2005]
Greetings, Rogues!Sorry for such a long delay. StarFire, you should be able to select any resource and then save it to your computer through File-Save As... Good luck.
Tailgunr [05/03/2005]
Have tried all of the compatibility modes and still the game would crash. Have contacted LucasArts and they just replied that they no longer support their older games. Just waiting now to get an old PC and install 98 on it to play the game classics. Thanks for the advice though :)
StarFire [05/03/2005]
I get a "Stream Read error" when I try thet, LukA.
Gold Leader [05/07/2005]
Hello Rogues! It has been a long time since I posted last, but I have been receiving and reading all your postings via email. I still play RS often with my kids and it is just as fun as when I started years ago. I hope all is well with you LukA_YJK. Take care and keep up the good work. Gold Leader standing by...
Rogue 5 [05/25/2005]
Hi guys! It's been such a long time ago from my last post here! School makes me feel sick xD but I'm ok are you?? Greets to all and (obviously) to Luka_YJK! --Rogue 5 out--
Anti-ST [05/25/2005]
I still drop by, now and than, but unfortunately not too regularly. I sure hope you all are well...
Wedge Antilles [07/03/2005]
hey I'm new here, but I have an excellent 3d model creator and I was wondering how I could turn my E-Wing prototype into a playable craft. Obviously I would also have to program it and stuff but at the moment I'm looking for fighter model types. any help would be appreciated. thanks
Anti-ST [07/18/2005]
Sorry, but for Rogue Squadron I don't have an idea on what you can do. You can convert/compress it into OPT to make it fit for X-Wing vs TIE Fighter or X-Wing Alliance, but that isn't the same I suppose...
Wedge Antilles [07/25/2005]
oh thats alright. I'll just sit and wait till someone figures it out
LukA_YJK [09/16/2005]
Oh, dear... Gold Leader... you! Warm greetings also to all other Rogues! I'm still alive, but still can't get time to update the news.So many news here... Good luck and may the Force be with you!
Unit "THX-1138" [01/17/2006]
Heya....its so gay that the cheat AT-ST is so TINY SMALL and btw whats with the rockets he should have?
Anti-ST [02/09/2006]
Keep in mind that AT-STs never, NEVER had rockets. They have rockets in Jedi Academy, and perhaps in Battlefront, but in the movie, or previous games - look at it closely. Only blaster cannons.
Tailgunr [09/01/2006]
I have Rogue Squadron for the pc but since upgrading my OS to xp pro I can't get it to play. Installs ok but crashes when loading the 1st mission. Have tried compat wiz but still nothing. N e ideas there? Thanks
Boba.Phett [09/17/2006]
Is there a way to make a patch to play as other craft like the shuttle, b-wing, slave 1, cloud cars, blockade runners? Or is there somewhere someone can direct me to learn how to do it myself?
LukA_YJK [09/18/2006]
Hello there Boba.Phett and all the Rogues! Some two years ago we were going to start a petition for level editor, asking Factor5 to release their L3D for free. But as you can see from the messages we did not and I really feel guilty for it. Now I'm thinking about bringing up this idea again!
The RogueDat utility let us to extract all resourses including the model data, but we have no clue for it and I gave up already three years ago, I'm not so smart, you know. See you soon and... May the Force be with you!
Bhakar [09/19/2006]
Dark Force rules much too long - but is this a candle's light at the end of that tunnel...?
LukA_YJK [09/21/2006]
Hello, Bhakar, mein Freund!Hm... candle's light at the end of that tunnel? What do you mean? Do you think that it doesn't worth it?
rogue5 [01/20/2007]
I want the TIE interceptor in hanger change to TIE fighter. Can you help me??
General Kenobi [06/21/2007]
Hi, I'm a big fan of Rogue Squadron and I hope this site is still being used and I won't to know is there a way to get the music from the game onto something else so I can listen to the music without starting the game. I just love the Imperial march theme. And the possibility of more playable ships is exciting to me.
Keiran Halcyon [06/22/2007]
General Kenobi, if you want the imperial march ad other star wars music try to get the magnificent scores by John Williams (much better than the synth versions in the game) Now if you want the original music from the game i think that it cannot be extracted... salutes to all!
Anti-ST [10/15/2007]
Oh yes it can be extracted. Not literally, but it can be re-recorded. Windows is capable of recording its sound output pretty well, there are numerous sound capture utilities on the net, or if you have one, you can try a movie capture app and then extract the audio from it. Just do it for YOURSELF and don't distribute it, otherwise you're gonna get into trouble. I was to record the Taloraan soundtrack, but was lazy so far. By the by, use the code 'Maestro' to get access to the music.
General Kenobi [10/19/2007]
Actually I found a web site that has the music for download from a whole bunch of games including all three rouge squadrons and other star wars games. The web page is
Anti-ST [11/30/2007]
Looks like the endless spreading of spam has reached this site as well...
LukA_YJK [01/01/2008]
Happy New 2008 Year and may the Force be with you!

Anti-ST [01/01/2008]
Affirmative! Happy New Year all! (btw: smileys don't seem to load)
LukA_YJK [03/23/2009]
Rogues, it is time to remember good old times! It is time to go and find your helmets under the heaps of hopelessness. Blanch it and wear it with honour. It is time to show everybody that we are back from a long nonexistence. Please read it, sign it and spread this around: Star Wars: Rogue Squadron 3D Editor Request Petition !
General Kenobi [03/24/2009]
ugh... We try to fight the Empire, and they Spam us!? How can we win?
LukA_YJK [03/24/2009]
Rogues, we are under attack! To prevent Imperial spam all communication lines are shut down from now on.
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